In Ukraine there have been changes in the procedure for issuing driving licences, driver training and accreditation of driving schools.

Driver's license in Ukraine will issue new rules

This information is disseminated in the Main service centre of the Ministry of interior, reports Biznestsentr with reference to PZT.

"Introduced a video recording of the exam on knowledge of traffic regulations and skills of driving. For this purpose each examination of the car will be equipped with special equipment," - said in the message.

From now on it will be impossible to pass the theoretical exam in one of the territorial service center of the Ministry of interior, and practical in another.

Up to two years reduced the validity of the obtained at the driving school certificate of graduation of educational institutions for training of drivers of vehicles. Also get or exchange a driver's license would be impossible without a note about the place of registration of the document proving the identity.

Teachers and driving instructors will be required to make a special electronic journal information on the timing of theoretical and practical classes, as well as about the vehicle, which will be a practical lesson.

For driving schools removes the requirement concerning the acquisition of territorial service centres of the Ministry of interior of forms of certificates of completion of institutions for the training of drivers of vehicles.

Accreditation of driving schools will now be handled by the regional service centers of the Ministry of interior at the location of the institutions. For driving schools that belong to the sphere of management of the Ministry of education and science introduces a simplified mechanism of accreditation.

All graduates who have completed driver training in institutions of vocational education, will be admitted to the examination without additional training in driving school.

In addition, at the Main service center of the Ministry of interior to prepare for the theoretical part of the exam on traffic rules through a free online simulator. Specifies that it is the identical exam, which is in the service center of the Ministry of interior. Also on our website you can download a complete list of questions on traffic rules and variants of answers to them.

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