The clergy of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in Lugansk are being persecuted by the occupiers.

Cathedral ptsu in Lugansk searched, clerics interrogated for 6 hours / day, Bishop Athanasius (Jaworski)

As reported in Facebook managing the Lugansk diocese ptsu, Bishop of Luhansk and Starobilsk Athanasius (Jaworski), April 4, in the management of the Lugansk diocese and Holy Trinity Cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Orthodox Church of Ukraine) in the Luhansk were raided, reports mediaUA.

According to the report, from a telephone conversation with the Secretary of the diocese Archpriest Anatoly Nazarenko, which is located in Lugansk, it became known that in the framework of "operation Stop terror" the service of "economic crimes" groups "LC" during the search, seized the Church and Ukrainian symbols, religious books and books of national content, the official correspondence, as well as desktop computers. In addition, searches conducted in private homes of priests, Archpriest Anatoly Nazarenko and father Gennady Kurganova.

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Both clergy ptsu "conduct investigative actions", they are interrogated for 5-6 hours a day, they are "recommended" not to leave Lugansk.

At the same time, to conduct services at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Lugansk is not prohibited.

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