The headquarters of presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky shared vision of ways to overcome corruption in Ukraine.

"In this area, reinventing the wheel is not necessary", - the headquarters Zelensky on the fight against corruption

"We stress that in this field to reinvent the wheel is not necessary. It was well known what to do. Political will was never", - quotes mediaUA the command message Zelensky Telegram.

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The headquarters of the candidate offer:

  • To form an anti-corruption bodies through an independent international competition Committee;
  • To waive immunity;
  • To create an international High economic court, and to deprive judges of the posts in case of making unjust decisions;
  • To deprive of the power structure non-core functions (initiation of cases and investigation of economic and financial crime) and to form them exclusively through independent international contest Commission;
  • Maximum decriminalization of economic activity — economically and administratively punish economic violations, to prosecute the officials who make artificial claims to the business;
  • To increase the severity of punishment for state employees by signing the consent to voluntary deprivation of service due to the imposition of additional punishment in the form of confiscation of all property and lifelong ban from holding state or local office, to ban judicial decisions on bail;
  • To transfer "state-of-smartphone" through the sales of services to business in electronic form;
  • Possible to involve citizens in exposing corruption with the help of rewards.
  • To initiate an appeal to the Western law enforcement authorities with a request to initiate anti-corruption investigations against Ukrainian corrupt officials, who established the Ukrainian anti-corruption bodies.

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Hromadske notes that a number of these proposals cannot be implemented without the relevant decisions of Parliament, in particular on the abolition of parliamentary/judicial immunity, create a new court, the decriminalization of economic activities, changing the authority of power structures, strengthen the responsibility of officials - this requires changes to the existing legislation, the President has no such authority.

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