Ex-world champion on Boxing heavyweight champion Vladimir Klitschko has urged the presidential candidates Petro Poroshenko and Volodymyr Zelensky not to deceive voters.

"Don't fool yourselves and us, the citizens of Ukraine": Wladimir Klitschko suggested Poroshenko and Zelensky to pay for a professional analysis. VIDEO

As reported mediaUA, he says in a video posted on the page in Facebook.

"Dear presidential candidates of Ukraine.

Your recent tests have been funny in a different way to call it can't. I like an athlete who has overcome thirty years of path and passed hundreds of tests, you know that after tests of blood or urine for a couple of hours can't put this on social networks and to show that I'm clean. It is impossible to do, you need at least 48 hours to spend", - said Klitschko.

Read the " mediaUA": Wladimir Klitschko Poroshenko offers Zelensky to be tested in a WADA. He has already sent a request

Vladimir offered to candidates if they are unable to devote to professional specialists funds from his campaign.

"I offered to cover all costs associated with the professional artisanal testing. If you have already spent on your election campaign, I am ready to cover the costs of these tests that we, citizens of Ukraine, had a clean President. Not only in the urine and blood, but, most importantly, in thoughts. And please again: do not deceive yourselves and us, the citizens of Ukraine", - said the champion.

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