On Tuesday, April 2, Suvorovsky district court of Odessa sent to jail for 60 days a local resident Maxim Putilin, 30 Mar beat feet injured on Dobrovolsky Avenue in an accident soldiers of the National guard.

The court arrested for two months to seek his feet injured in road accident in the Odessa national guardsmen Putilina

The accused was taken into custody without the right to bail at the request of the Odessa local Prosecutor's office No. 4, reports mediaUA with reference to the Facts.

"He is suspected of hooligan actions and deliberate causing to the employee of law enforcement Agency of a beating, — reported in Prosecutor's office. In particular, on Saturday, saw the accident and the terrible consequences, this man ran up to the victims and beat feet two lying on the road of national guardsmen".

It is noted that imprisoned the man has repeatedly convicted. In particular, for robbery and drug trafficking. The last crime he committed on March 30, while on a three-year probation on a previous sentence for theft of property.

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Such a background does not bother the accused, who said in the courtroom that he was not beaten seriously injured soldiers of the national guard.

"I'm not beaten, I tried to help them," he told the court Maxim Putilin.

At the same time as a surveillance camera clearly recorded the bandit actions of the defendant. One of the soldiers of the national guard at that time was dead in the accident, his two associates real estate lying on the sidewalk, in a serious condition.

Pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings carried out by investigators Suvorov police Department. In particular, under part 1 of article 296 (hooliganism), part 2 of article 345 (Threat or violence concerning the employee of law enforcement body) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

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Earlier the survivors of the accident in Odessa national guardsman told why their "finished" felon. Denis Balagurov, one of the victims, said that before crossing the street, they did the passerby to the man a caution for disorderly behavior, and when we approached the crosswalk, I felt a shock. After that, the man to whom the soldiers of the national guard made the remark, and began to beat feet injuries in the accident and tried to snatch the weapon. Inadequate man drove passers-by, who called an ambulance.

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