The Senator reminded about new threats that Western countries have faced in recent years.

Russia is a threat to NATO - American Senator Risch

Republican Senator James Risch, who heads the foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate, has included Russia among the main threats to countries in NATO. He said this during the hearing "the 70th anniversary of NATO: Strategic partnership in the XXI century" which took place within the walls of the U.S. Senate, writes the Voice of America, reports mediaUA.

Speaking about the significance of the Alliance for security in the world, Rish reminded the participants of the hearings about the new threats that the West has faced in recent years.

"Russia again represents a threat to NATO countries. If you have any doubts about this, I can... to ask the authorities of Georgia and Ukraine in order to understand how Russia today is dangerous," said Senator Risch.

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He added that NATO remains the only international organization where all members have the same rights, regardless of the importance and size of the participating countries.

"In the Alliance equally to small and large States, because we have to take into account the opinion of each nation (a member of NATO)", – said the Senator.

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