At the end of March 2019 debt clients in Vinnytsia region of a gas supplier "vinnitsagaz Sales" for the consumed gas reached 825 million.

In Vinnitsa region after the monetization of subsidies increased the debts for gas

This is with reference to the press service of "vinnitsagaz Sales" reports Biznestsentr.

"Until now, I didn't pay for February, about 11.4% of recipients monetizirovat subsidies. They risk to remain without state aid, because the bodies of social protection needs to stop the subsidy in the event of a debt in the amount of 340 UAH," the company said.

The company notes that the level of payments of the population for the consumed in February natural gas fell in comparison with January and amounted to only 61.3 per cent.

"Domestic consumers who have no benefits and subsidies owed to the company on April 1, 2019 774 million UAH. It is 16 million. more than on March 1," reports "vinnitsagaz Sales".

Almost a quarter of indebted domestic consumers are subsidiary. In the company of such a trend associated with the transition period in the process of monetization of subsidies.

"As of March 31, 2019 for the consumed in February gas paid 88.6% of subsidianes. The company was sympathetic to delay the payment for February to March due to the transition atapu to monetize the subsidies. However, 11.4 per cent or 17.8 thousand of people in this category still run the risk of losing state aid because of a delay in payment received "on hands" funds," - said the Director of "vinnitsagaz Sales" Basil Sopilnik.

The company endorses the monetization of subsidies as a necessary step for the de-monopolization and the creation of a full-fledged gas market in domestic consumers.

"However, recipients Montesilvano grants must strictly adhere to payment discipline, to justify the confidence of the government, avoid debt and not to lose public support in the future," the company said.

"Vinnitsagaz Sales" in the current year has already sent more than 50 thousand messages to debtors about termination of natural gas supply.

"To avoid extreme measures, OOO "vinnitsagaz Sales" offers its clients to conclude a contract of debt restructuring with the preparation of the payment schedule. In case of default on the debt the company will be forced to give the order to the operator the timing to stop the supply of natural gas to such consumers and to start the procedure of debt collection in court", - stated in the message.

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