Appeared in the capital of illicit cigarette advertising marvel. Although on billboards no images of cigarettes, but there is a brand name, as well as the slogan under which sold cigarettes "Sviy for skin". The masterminds and perpetrators of hidden advertising of cigarettes "marvel" threaten large fines – up to 35 thousand hryvnia for each place illegal advertising

Appeared in Kiev illegal surreptitious advertising of cigarettes. PHOTO

This writes the mediaUA.

"There are signs of violation of legislation on advertising. According to article 22 of the Law "On advertising" banned outdoor advertising of tobacco products, trademarks for goods and services, other objects of intellectual property which are used for tobacco products", - explains the head of Department of control over advertising and compliance with tobacco control legislation the State service for food safety and consumer protection Oleg Kobelkov.

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Also in Hospitible drew attention to the action with the distribution of gifts (lighters) when you purchase this brand of cigarettes. According to the rating Agency, such action is also illegal.

With this agreement and the Director General of public health Directorate of the Ministry of health Andriy Skipalsky.

"You have to report such cases of illegal advertising in Rospotrebsoyuz. For these violations provided a serious sanction – for every place illegal advertising – about 35 thousand hryvnias of a penalty," recalls Skipalsky.

According to Konstantin Krasovsky, an expert on tobacco control, these actions directly violate article 16 of the law on protection of population from tobacco smoke, which prohibited the advertising of tobacco products and any promotions to stimulate their sales.

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"The problem is that these cigarette produces a tobacco factory in the town of Vynnyky near Lviv. I once did an investigation into this factory. And it turned out that the factory one, but for legal persons it has many. And as a result, when a Protocol on the violation, it appears that the violator is already legally does not exist and a factory already owned by another company", - explains the scheme Krasovsky.

The expert notes that this factory has long been famous for the use of all possible ways of breaking the law.

"For example, they lower the prices so that if you pay all the taxes the company will operate at a loss. Now with packs of cigarettes to pay a minimum of 18 UAH. excise duty and 3 UAH. VAT. But they cigarettes are less than 21 hryvnia. I.e., they obviously found a way not to pay excise duty or other taxes," - says Krasovsky.

Earlier, Lviv (Vynnykivske) tobacco factory was accused of fraudulent use of excise stamps for cigaril, which was applied to more expensive cigarettes, with the sale in Ukraine of cigarettes, designed ostensibly to Magazinov duty-free.

And the head of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal called Lviv (Vynnykivske) tobacco factory the main supplier of tobacco smuggling from Ukraine to EU countries.

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