At the request of the provider "of last resort" of state enterprise "Ukrinterenergo" distribution system operator tonight performed a partial power outage utility company "Water of Donbass".

"Water of Donbass" resumed the supply of electricity after shutdown (updated)

This is with reference to the press service of the company "DTEK PES-Energougol" according to Biznestsentr.

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"The electricity supply was limited due to the fact that the KP "Water of Donbass" has ended a 90-day contract with the state enterprise "vital-press" and contract with a new supplier was not signed", - stated in the message.

Was disconnected from the electricity pumping "Belokuzminovka", Konstantinovsky district, the village Belokuzminovka; substation 110 kV "kleban-Byk" 'kyi district, village of kleban-Byk; pump 1-go lifting, Mariupol.

"For the resumption of electricity supply and connection to power supply networks enterprise "Water of Donbass" is obliged to conclude a contract with a new supplier of electricity, than necessary to inform the distribution system operator, as well as to settle the question of repayment of debts" - according to DTEK.

In comments to the Agency "Interfax-Ukraine" KP "Water of Donbass" reported that the supply of electricity on objects that were previously disconnected from the power supply resumed. At the same time, the company pointed out that while can't comment on how it was solved the question of energy supply facilities.

We will remind, according to the law "On electricity market" on January 1, 2019 introduced new rules for the retail electricity market.

Utility companies (power companies) were divided into operators of the distribution system (SRF) and suppliers. All non-domestic consumers had to enter into new contracts for distribution and supply of electricity.

A number of government agencies and utility companies, including some utilities, are unable to enter into new agreements and have moved to the consumption of electricity from a "provider of last resort" (PPN) on the condition of the accepted delivery.

Services of PPN are 25-30% more expensive than PUU, and other providers.

In the case of podlaczenia debtors on the application of "Ukrinterenergo", the whole of their remaining electricity is considered a technological losses of the distribution system operator (OSR), which will have to pay the wholesale market.

Municipal enterprise "Water of Donbass", provides water supply services to consumers of 289 settlements, a Sewerage consumers 79 towns and villages in the Donetsk region.

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