When Ukrainians will elect a new President, and it will happen in the normal course of the democratic process, then it will be the person with whom we need to cooperate.

"The fact that Zelensky - "clean sheet", saddens me no less than my many colleagues," harms

It is reported mediaUA, in an interview with "UKRINFORM" said said the MEP from the Green party, Rebecca harms.

"I believe that the leadership of the old political elite and those who in this race is lost, should think about what they did wrong. So, how many Ukrainian voters have more confidence in the unknown (in politics). The fact that Zelensky - "clean sheet", saddens me no less than my many colleagues. However, voted for him a lot of Ukrainians, which I don't consider infantile", she said.

According to harms, it is necessary to recognize that "this is due to the deep disappointment of the society due to abuses, especially in the regions so that the hopes aroused by independence, has not been realized."

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"I am convinced that we in the European Union, Germany needs to think about why in Ukraine the frustration is so great. Why the process, which is without a doubt wonderful, which brought some results, so little perceive? So little that suddenly voted for the person who is completely irrelevant to this process had. Why reform even after 5 years of holding don't give people real hope?" - said the MEP.

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