Fraction "Samopomich" has developed a draft law "On the President of Ukraine", which proposes to limit the powers of the President, and painted the grounds and procedure for impeachment of the President.

"Samopomich" presented the bill to the President of Ukraine: limitation of powers and impeachment

As reported mediaUA, the text of the bill published on the website of the party "Association "Samopomich".

According to the explanation of "Samopomich", the document stipulates that the President will exercise only those powers defined for it by the Constitution, that is, "he will not be able to unconstitutionally appoint the national Commission and other regulators, and heads of the SBU in the regions, etc.", "the President will not be able to create any Administration Affairs or other authorities".

It is proposed to establish the office of the President as a subsidiary body which would not duplicate the powers of the government.

"The Prime Minister of the post to become Secretary of the national security Council, to avoid confrontation between the President and the Prime Minister. The President can appoint or dismiss anyone in the Executive power only on the proposal of or with the consent of the Prime Minister", - stated in the explanatory document.

In addition, it provides that the President will report annually to the Parliament for used tools.

The draft law also stipulates the grounds and procedure of termination of powers of the President. In particular, detailed the process of impeachment and determination of its inability to perform the duties for health reasons.

Grounds for impeachment of the head of state is called high treason; the President committing another crime, in particular crimes against national security, crimes of corruption, violation of the oath.

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In front of the Parliament the procedure of removal of the President from office by impeachment can initiate the attorney-General, parliamentary faction or group of people's deputies.

The leader of the "Samopomich" mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi expressed his belief that this bill must be voted by Parliament.

"We don't elect a monarch with absolute power to manage and not have any responsibility for it", - he said.

According to the Garden, he promises to send the draft law to the current head of state Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Zelensky, who came out in the second round of presidential elections.

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