Ukraine should seriously be remembered about the Soviet past, to study it and debate about it. Accusations of trying to forget the time of the Soviet Union are groundless.

We are not tearing the Soviet past, from history, we do so that it doesn't happen again, - vyatrovich

This broadcast of "Radio Liberty" said the head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich, according to mediaUA.

According to him, the execution of one of decommunization laws condemning regimes and the prohibition of their symbols, just the first superficial stage at which it is impossible to stop.

"Obviously, another extraordinary step, currently underway, which will long continue – it is, in fact, rethinking the Soviet past. I strongly disagree with the allegations that sound in my address and the address of the Institute of national remembrance, that we are supposedly tearing the Soviet past from our history. In one case. It should be there as an example of what should never happen again. That is, on the contrary, we need very seriously to remember about this very serious debate, this is a very serious study," – said vyatrovich.

Look at mediaUA: the Slogan "Bandera come - bring order" would surprise the conductor of the OUN, - vyatrovich. VIDEO

Now Ukraine is the largest for all time of independence, the rethinking of the legacy of the totalitarian Soviet system, which, according to Vyatrovich, provoked Russia waged war in the Donbass. And "icebreakers" that drive this process are the people whom this war has touched directly, said viatrovych.

As reported, the Verkhovna Rada in April 2015, the government adopted a bill condemning the Communist and Nazi totalitarian regimes, banned their propaganda and symbolism. According to the law, the symbols and the propaganda of Nazism, national socialism, their values, and any activities of Nazi, fascist groups in Ukraine is prohibited.

Also mediaUA: In Sledkom the Russian Federation on Vyatrovich was tagged for the "rehabilitation of Nazism"

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