Western diplomats claim that the presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky "alarmingly" unprepared to lead the country.

The West is afraid that Putin will swallow Zelensky as a chocolate bar "Roshen", - The Economist

This article titled "Tragicomedy" writes The Economist, reports mediaUA.

Western diplomats embarrassed by his lack of preparation. Many fear that Putin will swallow Zelensky like chocolate candy "Roshen", the article says.

The publication notes that in the case of a hypothetical victory, no one knows that Zelensky will do next. The newly minted policy on this matter is still only generalities about preserving the Pro-Western course, improving the investment climate and the termination of the war in the East of the country.

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However it is called and the reason for the popularity of the candidate Zelensky among Ukrainians. Referring to Ukrainian political analyst Vladimir Fesenko, the publication notes that the people dissatisfied with the post-revolutionary leadership, I want to "show authorities middle finger", and the role of this finger is suitable comedian.

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