Meeting with Poroshenko on Mikhaylovskaya square was held without major disturbances. One of the participants of the rally broke up two posters with criticism of the President. He was arrested for disorderly conduct.

The fight among the participants of the meeting with Poroshenko: the man broke two of the protest poster. VIDEO+Photos

As the correspondent of mediaUA, the majority of participants came to support the incumbent head of state. The poster criticized Poroshenko kept only a small group of people chanting "shame!".

Shortly after the President's speech, an unidentified man attacked held up the poster and ripped paper. The dialogue police stopped the encounter, and instead of torn poster immediately drew another.

After a while the situation repeated: the second poster also broke unknown. The hooligan was detained, the police promise to make it an administrative report.

Also mediaUA: Poroshenko held a "national meeting" in the center of Kiev (updated). VIDEO+Photos

It should be noted that before the meeting, the security activities are carefully studied the text on the posters that brought the protesters. A few posters of the guards took, and missed the meeting participants to St. Michael's square without them.

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