The arrival of Ukrainian physician prisoner Pavel Mushroom, Basil Prytula did not affect the conditions of his detention in the remand prison. According to him, the content in jail for a person with portal hypertension is a contraindication.

The arrival of the doctor from Kiev did not affect the conditions of detention in Russia of a political prisoner of the Fungus, the father

It is reported mediaUAabout it "to Gromadsky" said the father of the political prisoner Igor Mushroom.

Prytula also said that Paul's feeling poorly - "nausea, pain in the lower abdomen". He recalled that at the last meeting, 15 March, the prisoner again called an ambulance.

According to father, the court disregards the complaint of Paul and his lawyer Marina Dubrovina.

He noted that Paul's mother is almost constantly in the Russian Rostov-on-don "in Rostov more than in Ukraine".

On the verdict of the court, the father hoped.

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On 5 March Ukrainian doctor Vasyl Prytula, who oversees the Mushroom disease - portal hypertension - describe the dynamics of the illness of the prisoner as negative. He noted that Paul low platelet count, elevated levels of bilirubin, decreases the rate of iron increased the size of the spleen.

He added that in the conditions of the detention facility of the Fungus it is impossible to provide necessary treatment.

We will remind, Igor Grib told about the kidnapping by the Russian secret services of his son Paul in Belarus: "the FSB has lured Paul in Gomel under the guise of meeting with the girl and detained". Paul the Mushroom 24 August 2017 went to a meeting with the girl, which previously communicated only through social networks in Belarus. After - disappeared.

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When Igor arrived in Belarus, he was told that his son is wanted on the initiative of the FSB. Border agencies of Belarus declined to give the father any information about his son. Igor Mushroom is sure that Russian security forces conducted the operation in order to lure his son to Belarus and "to put him there handcuffed for posts in social networks". However, the state border service of Ukraine has officially confirmed the fact of crossing by Pavel Mushroom the border with Belarus.

September 7, 2017 Director, Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine Vasily Kirilich said that 19-year-old citizen of Ukraine Pavel Grib, who disappeared in the Belarusian Gomel is in control of FSB of Russia in Krasnodar.

According to Russian media, investigators believe Paul Mushroom alleged supporter of the banned in Russia as extremist organizations UNA-UNSO and suggesting that he had bowed a familiar resident of the Kuban to blow up an improvised explosive device on the exhaust line in the Sochi school.

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Information on how to start this story, about the facts and allegations and also on the hearing, read the article "don't these kids have plans to blow up the school!". Love-a secret history of Paul Mushroom".

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