In Russia dream about collapse of the US dollar, and meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the ruble fell from 27 to 66 rubles per dollar.

Putin took Russia with the dollar, to 27 rubles, and today - 66, - Latynina

About that Russian journalist Yulia Latynina said on air of radio station "Echo of Moscow" reports mediaUA.

"I saw on the website "RIA Novosti". It was written and not just written, and with reference to the Federal reserve that the dollar is doomed!" – said Latynina.

According to the journalist, she went to check and saw that the source website-Liberty Street Economics States: "At the moment, the dollar remains the global currency and has no serious rivals. Alternatives do not yet have significant appeal".

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"So while we have the fact that Putin has taken Russia to the us dollar at 27, I think, roubles, and today – 66. Many did not believe – he could not. And anyway, I actually caught this great article because it is such a dreamboat our patriots. That week passes, they write that even a little bit- and the dollar will be covered. That's about how American democracy once a week publish regular news about what is now found so – and Trump just at the end," – said Latynina.

March 17, the Russian national currency is 64,81 ruble per dollar.

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In the summer of 2018, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that Russia will establish settlements in rubles, Euro and Chinese yuan to reduce dependence on the us dollar.

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