Social network Facebook has launched a new tool based on artificial intelligence, designed to proactively tag and delete photos and videos with sexual content posted without the consent imprinted on them.

Facebook will automatically identify cases of intimate photos and videos

This writes reports Biznestsentr.

Reportedly, this system will be active both in Facebook and in Instagram. In contrast to the current filter, it will be able to locate the image "almost Nude". Such content will be flagged and sent to the people to moderators.

Currently, users of Facebook and Instagram have to do to report such cases of intimate photos or videos without their consent. In Facebook I hope that the new system will better identify victims of publications, tagging pictures and videos for them, as people do not always know that someone posted his private photos and videos. Now the system can send the suspicious content for consideration by the moderators before someone will mark it as unacceptable.

It is noted that the system not only analyzes the content but also takes into account the headers. If the header contains "derogatory or embarrassing text", it probably means that "someone uploaded a picture to insult or get revenge on someone else."

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