Police opened against former Director of the Nikolaev armored plant criminal proceedings relating to the deposits in the Bank "Kyivska Rus".

Against the former Director of the Nikolaev armored plant opened criminal proceedings

Belotserkovsky district court ordered the bila Tserkva police Department of Kyiv region to contribute in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations information that may indicate the Commission of a criminal offense. This writes the mediaUA with reference to the Unified register of court decisions.

We are talking about activities of officials, the acting Director of the Nikolaev armored plant (NBTS). 30 Dec 2014 to 13 Jan 2015 this man could be paid on deposits of the Bank "Kyivska Rus" has more than 59.1 million UAH, without an early withdrawal, which were intended for the repair of military equipment for the army in the framework of the execution of the state defense order. It is reported that "Ukroboronprom" has repeatedly warned about the need to place these funds in state banks. In these actions, officials see signs of abuse.

As you know, in March of 2015 the Bank "Kyivska Rus" went bankrupt, resulting in the Deposit accounts of the institution, allegedly, still had 26 million UAH, intended for the repair of equipment at the Nikolaev plant.

Between 30 Dec 2014 and 13 Jan 2015 acting Director NBTS was Alexander Shvets. Earlier in the interview mediaUA Alexander Shvets explained why he used the services of the Bank "Kyivska Rus". According to him, it was the only institution that agreed to open an account at the time the plant was experiencing financial difficulties. Alexander Shvets also said that the situation around the Bank "Kyivska Rus" at that time was favorable and did not give reason to think that it can "burst", and the terms of the deposits allow early withdrawal of money from deposits.

mediaUA has also submitted the opinion of opponents of Alexander Shvets.

In addition, in October 2018, it became known that the military Prosecutor of the Central region during the pre-trial investigation did not establish the illegality of actions of officials of the Nikolaev armored plant when placing deposits in the Bank "Kyivska Rus".

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