At the beginning of 2019 the social network Facebook was used by 13 million Ukrainians. In 2018, the number of Ukrainian Internet users grew by 3 million (+30%), and for five years (from March 2014), the increase was 9.8 million (+306,2%).

Ukraine ranked third in the world in the growth of users of Facebook. INFOGRAPHICS

This writes over the report PulseOne, reports Biznestsentr with reference to ЛИГА.net.

"Facebook has become one of the most important communication channels in Ukraine. This applies to both business and political segment," the researchers write.

As indicated in the report, in the fourth quarter of 2018 the number of Facebook users in Ukraine grew by 1 million Thus, Ukraine occupies the third place in the world on this growth rate, behind only India and the Philippines.

Over the past five years, thanks to block the Russian social networks the number of Ukrainian users Facebook has increased significantly.

"The proportion of Facebook users continues to grow: we all continue to "break away" from Russia closer to Germany and Poland", - stated in the study.

An average Ukrainian user of Facebook 13 times clicked on the ad post for the last 30 days, the global average is 8 times.

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