The Solomensky district court of Kiev on 19 October, extended the suspended Chairman of the State fiscal service of Ukraine Novel Nasirova procedural duties until 14 December, but was allowed to travel to Kyiv region.

The court ordered Nasirova to wear an electronic bracelet until the 14th decapetala decision was made on 19 October, the investigating judge Lyudmila Kizyun, according to mediaUA with reference to "Nashi Groshi".

The court allowed Nasirova to move on Kiev and the Kiev region, where in Kozyn he has a house. Earlier dismissed the officer could not travel outside of the capital.
The court left to Nasirov, the obligation to wear an electronic bracelet. The bracelet can be temporarily removed, if required by the medical procedure.

Earlier Nasirov asked detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau to give him the opportunity to travel to the US for medical treatment, but was refused.
Other obligations the court upheld, namely, to surrender their passports and other documents entitling travel abroad; to bring to the detective, the Prosecutor, the court on demand; to report change of his place of residence and/or workplace; to refrain from communicating with other suspects in the criminal proceedings. Today's meeting in the Solomensky district court began with a delay of two hours, and lasted nearly ten hours.

In March of this year Nasirova was arrested, but he was released because his wife and father-in-law made 100 million UAH. collateral. In connection with the criminal proceedings he was removed from the post of head of the State fiscal service.