Today in Kiev and other cities of the country to hold festive events on the occasion of the day of defender of Ukraine.

Interior Ministry units started increased patrols across the country – Sciacovelli of the Minister of internal Affairs Shkiryak Zorian told about the security measures on the Day of defender of Ukraine. He hoped that joint efforts of law enforcement, this day will be peaceful because all the interior Ministry units are working in emergency mode, reports mediaUA citing 112 Ukraine.
According to him, the Ministry of internal Affairs, national police, national guard, emergency Service fully ready to perform its functions for the protection of public safety during the mass festive events on October 14 in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.
"Today, the internal Affairs unit went on high alert throughout Ukraine. And in regional centres in other cities will be performed on the occasion of this holiday. So was strengthened to protect public safety. Increased patrols from law enforcement officers will last until the end of these events," he said.

Shkiriak said that Ukraine for the third consecutive year, lives in a state of constant terrorist threats from the Russian Federation.
"And in the days when public events are held and a mass congestion of people, such as threat increases," he said.
Therefore, according to him, and Netpolice, and security services carry out preventive measures to prevent any provocations and emergency situations.
"By the way, for the sake of that capital will be attracted and the crews of the bomb squad and canine service of the Channel. In addition, the patrol will implement and mounted police," - said Shkiryak.
At the same time, he urged the participants of mass events to be careful, and when it detects suspicious individuals or objects to contact the police.
For information about the threat of cyber attacks Shkiryak noted that the cyber-police is doing everything necessary to prevent it.