In case of detection in the TV series "servant of the people-3", where the main role is played by the candidate in presidents Vladimir Zelensky, signs of agitation, the tape should be properly marked and paid for from his electoral Fund.

If the TV series "servant of the people-3" will show signs of agitation, it will promarkers and will be paid from the election Fund Zelensky - the Deputy head of the CEC Radchenko

This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Central election Commission Yevhen Radchenko at the briefing, reports mediaUA with reference to UKRINFORM.

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"Before leaving the series to say this is campaigning or not campaigning, nobody can. Second, if there is an image of the face, it is used if the image corresponds with the candidate, such material can definitely have the signs of election campaigning. Shoot it with ether, no one can, it could be that this material, if it is considered propaganda, was appropriately marked and paid for from the electoral Fund", - said Radchenko.

He added that in case of revealing in the series of the signs of agitation from the election Fund may be required payment in a particular volume in the series, and only for the duration when the frame is to receive the candidate.

The publication indicates that earlier the journalist of TV channel "1+1" Alexander Dubinsky has published information about the alleged discussion of the MP from the faction Block Petro Poroshenko Alexander Chernenko Deputy Chairman of the CEC Evgeny Radchenko for possible action on recognition of the series "servant of the people-3" campaign products in connection with the participation of the candidate in presidents Vladimir Zelensky.

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The Deputy Chairman of the CEC said that not discussed with the people's Deputy from Blok Petro Poroshenko Alexander Chernenko, the issue of recognition of the series "servant of the people-3" campaign products.

"I'm Alexander Chernenko can discuss many things, but, for example, censorship - in any case", - said Radchenko, assuring that was not discussed including "a question about whether the series "the Servant of the people-3" election campaign".

It is also reported that the Committee of voters of Ukraine urged the presidential candidate of a showman Vladimir Zelensky to pay the "Servant of the people-3" from the election Fund and appealed to the CEC with a request to clarify the content of certain provisions of the law "On elections of President of Ukraine" related to the conduct of the election campaign by the publication of the videos.

Premiere of the new season of "servant of the people" is planned for March 2019.

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