UIA was allowed to pay for the carriage of carry-on baggage online at the time of ticket purchase.

MAU was allowed to pay for additional baggage online

This writes Аvianews, reports Biznestsentr.

The fare collection things with dimensions of up to 40х30х10 cm and weighing up to 5 kg is 15 EUR per one way flight.

The passenger regardless of class of travel on medium-haul or long-haul UIA flights can arrange transport in the cabin no more than one additional things.

From 15 January 2019 on UIA flights began to operate the new rules on hand baggage, which more affected the passengers travelling on basbakani rates.

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They provide that travellers who bought tickets on low-cost prices or at the rate of "hand baggage only", can take into the cabin only one bag with dimensions up to than 55x40x20 cm and weighing up to 7 kg. the extra things are allowed outerwear, umbrella, cane and medicines required during the flight.

In force until January 15, the rules allow all passengers economy class can carry free in salon one main object weighing up to 7 kg with dimensions of up to than 55x40x20 cm, as well as additional items with the total weight not exceeding 5 kg: ladies and men's bag, camera or binoculars, laptop computer, Newspapers to read during the flight, umbrella or walking stick, outerwear.

Now an additional item with dimensions up to 40х30х10 cm and weighing up to 5 kg in addition to the main piece of hand baggage included in the transportation rates only, including baggage.

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