The Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine on 7 February included in the Register of industrial (industrial) parks industrial Park "Atovaquone" (Mariupol, Donetsk region) area to 15.65 ha and industrial Park "Khmelnitsky" area 90,93 ha, the initiators of which were, respectively, Donetsk and Khmelnytsky the city Council.

The Ministry of economic development registered industrial parks in Mariupol and Khmelnytskyi

It is stated in the message of Ministry of economic development, Biznestsentr reports with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

Reportedly, the declared period of operation of the Park "Atovaquone" – 30 years. On its territory, according to preliminary calculations, can be created 665 new jobs.

The functionality of IP provides for the creation of three industrial sites, each of which will be the main production in the field of engineering, light and food industries.

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Related activities can be the processing of agricultural products, feed production and environmental fertilizer, cargo handling, logistics services, and the development and implementation of innovative technologies.

According to the report, the Mariupol city Council signed memoranda of understanding with two prospective participants of the industrial Park – PE "Raytel" and "Troyes Asanser Gruen Merdiven Sistemleri".

According to the state register, the owner of PE "Rital" is an entrepreneur Ismail hacioglu, which, according to media reports, in 2016, signed a cooperation agreement with the mayor of the city Vadim Boychenko and intended to create several businesses, including the manufacture of elevators.

FE "Khmelnitsky", stated period the operation of which is 50 years, provides for dense housing areas. Including in the priority – textile manufacturing, manufacture of electrical equipment, agro-processing.

According to preliminary calculations, its territory can be created more than 3,000 jobs.

Khmel'nyts'kyi city Council signed memorandums with four potential participants PI: "this holding" specializes in which, according to the state register, electrical work and wholesale trade, LLC "Scientific-production center of ventilation and air conditioning" (production of electrical appliances, ventilation equipment, electrical work), PE "Private printing" (production of corrugated Board and packaging) and ChNPP "Corpuscle" (production of chemical products, joinery). All companies registered in Khmelnytskyi.

According to information of the Ministry, for today in the Register of industrial parks already includes 38 parks (in 2018 9, 2017 – 13). 16 SP selected management companies, five involved parties.

In addition, in Ukraine there are eight industrial parks, five of which were created before the adoption of the law "On industrial parks".

At the same time, according to the Ministry, in August 2018, according to the decision initiator (the Kremenchuk city Council) eliminated PI "Central" in Kremenchug area 168,55 hectares included in the register in April 2014

In October 2016, BP adopted the bill on tax incentives for industrial parks, in particular, on the zero tax on profits in the first five years, the abolition of import duties and five-year installment of the import value added tax (VAT). According to the website of the Parliament, in mid-July of 2018, this document was prepared for the second reading, however, the vote does not be imposed.

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