On the 103rd meeting of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk on resolving the situation in the Donbas once again discussed the situation with the illegally detained persons in the occupied territories.

Urged the Red Cross to intervene in the situation with the hostages in ORDA - last time they passed the letter in September 2018, - Irina Gerashchenko

As reported mediaUAabout it on Facebook wrote a representative of Ukraine in the negotiations, first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashchenko.

She said: "Ukrainian hostages in ORDO have no right to a phone call. The last time the ICRC had forwarded the letters to the prisoners in September last year, and over the years this time - gear. The ICRC has never had the opportunity of communicating with detainees. And we expect the ICRC a more active position on the hostages, not the ostrich.

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Protested on humanitarian sub-group and the pipeline that Russia and their puppets to block even a phone call and a letter, the OSCE and the ICRC publicly could not even deep zaniepokojony for this reason.

Addressed to the Ambassador Frisch urging them to visit the hostages in the occupied territories and to make every effort to establish a systematic referral letters and the opportunity to make a call. I hope soon such a visit in Lugansk will take place.

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We also appealed to the Ambassador Sidikou to facilitate the transfer of letters from relatives of Ukrainian hostages and he promised to do it.

Drew attention of the OSCE, for three years the unfulfilled promise of the militants to free the teenagers from Yasinovataya. We expect from the facilitators that they will insist on implementation of the agreements that have long been achieved in groups. Children promised to release in late 2016.

Russia and their puppets of ORDO continue the tactics of hiding information about its contents, and years do not answer our requests. Called Ambassador Frisch to join the fate of more than 70 Ukrainians, the contents of which are in prisons, we do not confirm (though the Ukrainian side has information and proof of their illegal arrest). And we have reason to worry that a few Ukrainians from this list, the militants could torture.

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Also urged to immediately step up search for missing (this list is hundreds of people) to create the same mechanism with the participation of the Russian Federation and the ICRC.

Once again confirmed that the Ukrainian side is ready to immediately start the reconstruction of the bridge in the village of the Luhansk with the participation of the ICRC. This process block, the Russian Federation and their puppets".

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