Russian President Vladimir Putin is outraged that the vast majority of countries of Europe and the European Union leadership condemned the new law of Ukraine "On education".

Hungary, Romania, protested, but in General, the EU is silent. Why not condemn? - Putin on educational law in Ukraineon he said this, speaking at a session of the international discussion club "Valdai", according to mediaUA with reference to RIA "Novosti".

Putin noted that Ukraine recently adopted "decision on the language prohibiting in fact to teach in schools in the languages of national minorities". "Hungary was outraged, outraged Romania, Poland and partly some comments... but overall the EU is silent." "Why not condemn? Silence", - said Putin.

Recall, September 5 the Parliament adopted the law on education, which begins the education reform in Ukraine. On 25 September, President Petro Poroshenko signed the law "On education" adopted by the Verkhovna Rada.
The law, among other things, determines that the language of the educational process in educational institutions is the state language. New edition of the law "On education" stipulates that children who go to school from 1 September 2018, will have the opportunity to study in their native language only in elementary school - the first four years. In fifth grade, all subjects should be taught in the Ukrainian language. Persons belonging to national minorities guaranteed the right of education in native language along with the Ukrainian language in separate classes (groups) of public institutions of preschool and primary education. At the same time representatives of national minorities, who had begun teaching at the school until 2018, continue it will get by the old rules, with a gradual increase in the number of items in the Ukrainian language.
A warning against him was expressed by Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and Moldova.
Subsequently, the Romanian foreign Ministry expressed concern about the accepted lies with the education act, and Hungary announced that it would stop supporting Ukraine in the international arena. The head of the Ministry of human resources of Hungary zoltán Balog sent an official letter to the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Lilia Hrynevych and asked for a private meeting to discuss the new law on education. Later, the Hungarian Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the Ukrainian law on education, pointing out violations of the rights of Hungarians in Transcarpathia. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Hungary said on 26 September about the country's intention to block the rapprochement between Ukraine and the EU because of the law on education. The Federation Council and state Duma of Russia also opposed the Ukrainian law on education.
On September 28 the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine sent to the law On education for examination to the European Commission for democracy through law (Venice Commission).
September 28, entered into force the law "On education".
On 4 October President Poroshenko, commenting on the law on education stated: "education Reform is important for the protection of national identity and language."
Glava the Hungarian foreign Ministry refused to meet with Klimkin during his visit to Transcarpathia, and on 9 October he said: "Hungary will require to reconsider the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine next Monday".