Ukrainian political prisoner Vladimir Baloga brought from Kerch colony in the detention center of Simferopol, likely to participate in the hearing

Ukrainian prisoner of Baloha was taken from Kerch to Simferopol SIZO

As reported mediaUA, citing hromadske TV, reported the organization "Crimean human rights group".

The press service of the occupation "Supreme court" of the Crimea reported that on January 30 "the court" received the appeal "of the Prosecutor" of Crimea on the decision, "Razdolsky district court" in the case of the alleged disorganization of Baluchon work of the insulator.

The text of the appeal is not yet released, so nobody knows what exactly he wants to appeal "the Prosecutor's office".

As noted, "the Crimean human rights group", the appeal was filed by the Deputy, "the Prosecutor" of Crimea, Sergei Bulgakov, who was previously an employee of the Prosecutor's office of Crimea. Against him, the SBU opened a case on suspicion of treason.

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Recall, January 25, under the control of the Russian "Kerch city court" refused Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Baluku in parole.

Earlier, the Kremlin-controlled "Supreme court" of the occupied Crimea Baluja sentenced to 4 years and 11 months in prison and a fine of 10 thousand rubles (about 4 thousand) in the aggregate in two criminal cases.

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In October, Baluch announced that it would stop the hunger strike, which he announced in March 2018. According to the lawyer, the convict, after more than 200 days of protest there is suspicion of an ulcer or pancreatitis.

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