In the Polish capital Warsaw opened a memorial plaque in memory of the Military mission of the Ukrainian people's Republic.

A plaque in memory of the Military mission of the UPR opened in Warsaw, - Klimkin. PHOTO

About this on his page in Facebook said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, reports mediaUA.

"In Warsaw together with Polish friends opened a memorial Board on the house, which in 1919-20 he was a Military mission of the UPR. Ukrainian and Polish soldiers, together defended Warsaw and liberated Kiev. Combat brotherhood - the most durable," wrote Klimkin.

The Minister noted that the relations of Ukraine and Poland "there is no problem, however there are many emotions associated with the perception of a common history."

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"The decision of the constitutional court of Poland and our actions, we have created a positive momentum. Now you do not have to wait for each other practical steps such as "you are me and I you," and genuinely move toward each other. Including in respect of prospecting and restore our places of memory in Poland" - said the official.

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