A priest of the UOC-MP Gideon Charon, who is the prior of arbitrarily built on the old Kiev hill Church, in the airport Boryspil was detained by border guards and prepare his deportation.

Priest of UOC-MP of Charon, the Abbot of illegally built churches on the old Kiev hill, was not allowed in Ukraine and prepare the deportation

As reported mediaUA about it on Facebook the priest said his assistant deacon Anthony.

Look at mediaUA - the prior illegal Mafa UOC near the foundations of Church tithes Gideon goes on "Porsche Cayenne" and consists of two apartments, - the "Nashi Groshi". VIDEO

Read the " mediaUA": the Priests of the illegal chapel in the old Kiev hill is accused of arson of the Gentiles, and the amount of damages in a million

25 January 2018 and the police got the message about attempted arson unauthorized UOC near the tithe Church in Kiev. In connection with the incident the Shevchenko district court was sent to jail for two months architects Alexander Gorban and Alexei Semotiuk. The prosecution requested to take them under house arrest.

Saturday, February 3, several hundred activists held a protest in front of illegally constructed buildings-the chapel of the UOC-MP in support of the arrested architects.

5 February the court of Appeal of Kyiv has released Gorban and Semotuk on bail of people's Deputies.

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