The Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki in an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro said that Central Europe has a better understanding of the Russian threat.

Putin wants European countries tired of the "Russian-Ukrainian problem" and turned away from them, Prime Minister of Poland Moravicki

The head of the Polish government believes that the weakness of the European responses to the recent Ukrainian-Russian clashes to do with the fact that some of the countries of the European Union is tired of this conflict, reports mediaUA with reference to Polske radio.

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"That's exactly what Vladimir Putin wants: he wants European countries are tired of Russian-Ukrainian problems and turned away from them. Its goal is the abolition of Western sanctions against Russia and at the same time maintaining the status quo in Crimea and Donbas. In the Azov sea Russia is the EU's patience. But soft, devoid of determination Europe's reaction to the incident can be interpreted also the beginning of construction of the Russian Nord Stream pipeline 2. Located geographically close to Poland well understand the situation of the Ukrainians. We want also they were independent of Russia. It is not easy to have such a neighbor," said Morawiecki.

According to the Polish Prime Minister, the perception of Eastern European countries Russian threat, unlike Western countries, the stories, and also from geographical location, which does not allow to forget about this neighborhood. The Prime Minister reminded that after the Second world war Poland captured by the Red army. "We know from our experience how big Russia can harm us," said Morawiecki.

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"Our country and other societies in Eastern Europe there is a sense that the region lives in the shadow of Moscow, which in fact never ceased to be aggressive. Western Europe has always been protected from Russia to Europe; and because it is different understanding of these issues. Germany and France, which do not have such a history, I think Russia now only an economic and trading partner. They forget that the Russians are engaged in politics, even if you are in business! For them, economic relations are primarily a tool for geopolitical purposes. We would also be happy if we had normalized economic situation with Russia! But this requires that she rejected its Imperial ambitions, and ceased to attack their neighbors like Georgia and Ukraine," said Polish Prime Minister.

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