The number of Russian weapons and military in the Donbass and around it as well as the number of violations of the ceasefire, illegal border crossings and other violations testify to Russia's desire to resolve the conflict. If she really wants de-escalation, she needs to stop talking and start acting.

If Russia really wants de-escalation in the Donbass, she needs to stop talking and start acting - Yelchenko in the UN security Council

It is reported mediaUA with reference to "UKRINFORM", said in his speech at the UN security Council on the situation in Ukraine Permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko.

"Daily development of events proves that only Russia and its military actions in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which continues to create an insurmountable obstacle to a peaceful solution of the conflict," he said.

He invited members of the UN security Council to pay attention to Russian military presence in the Donbass and around it.

"Now the question is: what do these figures tell us about the true intentions of Russia? Or they demonstrate that Russia seeks to de-escalate the situation?" - said Yelchenko.

He noted that from 2015, the year Russia 18 times sabotaged the introduction of ceasefire.

"During this time the ceasefire regime was violated thousands of times 54. Among them are nearly 6 thousand violations have occurred with the use of Russia Minsk agreements prohibited weapons," - said the diplomat.

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Yelchenko said that only for 2018, the year it was recorded 153 cases of illegal violation of the Ukrainian-Russian state border by road and rail, which was carrying military equipment, fuel, weapons and ammunition. In 2019, he noted, has already occurred 19 cases.

"We still believe that the peacekeeping mission under UN mandate can bring peace to Ukraine. For Ukraine the principal are the expansion of the mandate of the mission to the entire occupied territory; withdrawal of all foreign troops and weapons; the dissolution of all illegal organs and structures", - said the Ukrainian diplomat.

Yelchenko urged Russia to stop attempts to manipulate the instruments of peacekeeping of the UN to legitimize conquest and aggression in the Donbas.

"The only way for Russia to prove his declared desire de-escalate the situation is to stop just talking and start to act," he concluded.

Yelchenko also noted that Ukraine 13 times offered the Kremlin to exchange Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia and in the occupied territories to the Russians, who were convicted in Ukraine for crimes against the territorial integrity and sovereignty.

"The answer is no. We care about our people. And Russia is sending a clear signal to its military - "We will not do anything to bring you back home," he said.

He emphasized what's at stake now is the fate of three captured and held in Donetsk, almost four years Ukrainians - Pastushenko, Korinkova and Gandara, whose three year old daughter never saw him. He urged to use the meeting to urge Russia to release them into the light of tomorrow's meeting of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk.

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