The Minsk agreement does not it is Russia continuing to arm and train rebels in the East of Ukraine, said at a meeting of the UN security Council by Deputy U.S. permanent representative to the organization of Jonathan Cohen.

Russia continues to arm and train the puppet forces in the East of Ukraine, the USA in the UN security Council

Convened on February 12, Russia to discuss the Minsk agreements, the meeting of the UN Security Council, ironically. This was stated by the Deputy permanent U.S. representative at the organization Jonathan Cohen, reports to mediaUA with reference to Gordon.
"Russia called today's meeting to discuss the Minsk agreements. Can not call this ironic, because Russia is not fulfilling the Minsk agreements. Minsk requires, among other things, for the parties to ensure a ceasefire, allowed the OSCE to observe the ceasefire, refused to support any armed groups," – said the American diplomat.

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According to him, Russia "clearly violates all these three key elements".
"Russia continues to arm, to prepare the puppet forces in the East of Ukraine contrary to obligations under the Minsk agreements," – said Cohen.
He said that Russia from the very beginning has been violated by an agreement in Minsk.

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