At the end of the last day the situation in the area ATO has not undergone significant changes. In General, the Russian occupation grouping reduced the number of attacks.

During the last day of losses among Ukrainian soldiers there. Enemy 15 times opened fire on positions of the APU - staff reported mediaUA, this writes the press center of ATO on his page in Facebook.
So, according to the headquarters, the main activity of the enemy is fixed in the direction of Donetsk: "Night fighters twice for several hours, beaten from heavy machine guns and small arms the fortifications of the Ukrainian troops near the mine Butovka. Starting from 19 o'clock until nearly midnight, the enemy from various types of grenade launchers and machine guns fired at the defenders of the Town. From the weapons the invaders fired in the area Verhnetoretskom".
In the seaside area of the Pro-Russian mercenaries in the evening twice used automatic and anti-tank rocket-propelled grenades on the outskirts of the Water. Also under enemy fire from heavy machine guns were the defenders of Gnutovo.

On the Lugansk direction were recorded only one attack. About 20:00 militants fired rocket-propelled grenade and small arms at the strong points of the Ukrainian army near Happiness.
"In just the past day illegal armed groups 15 times broke the silence mode. The armed forces of Ukraine 9 times by fire from infantry weapons forced the enemy to observe the ceasefire. In the result of combat losses among the servicemen of the ATO forces there," - said in the message.

We will remind, on October 18 Russian mercenaries 53 times opened fire on positions of AFU.