From Coca-Cola will have a new taste according to a corresponding release of the company.

Coca-Cola announced the emergence of the drink with a new flavor

This is with reference to RBC reports Biznestsentr.

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The drink will have the taste of orange and vanilla. It will be presented in two formats — with and without sugar (sweet Orange Vanilla Orange Coke and Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar).

Taste line of goods Coca-Cola, as noted in the company will change for the first time in the last ten years. In stores a new drink to appear on February 25. Buyers some countries will be able to purchase it at the same day, the press service explained.

In developing the new flavor, as representatives of Coca-Cola, the company has considered three alternative options — on the market could appear Coca-Cola with raspberry, lemon or ginger. However, the combination of orange and vanilla was the clear favorite in the focus groups, who tasted the beverage, the company said.

Last summer, Orange Vanilla Coke without the sugar appeared in stores in Australia, reminded the press service, noting that late sweet Orange Vanilla Coke, became available to canadian buyers. New taste, according to the company, like the consumers in both markets.

In General, the development of Orange Vanilla Coke — from concept to launch — took an innovative team of Coca-Cola less than a year, noted in a release. Previously the drink, as recalled in the company, in addition to the standard, there were other flavors — vanilla (release of this drink began in 2007) and cherry (it is available on the market since 1985).

Orange Vanilla Coke is not the first new Coca-Cola over the last year. In may 2018, the company launched the first alcoholic drink.

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