The Ministry of agriculture, U.S. (USDA) in February raised its forecast of maize export from Ukraine to 2018/2019 marketing year (MG, July-June), 0.5 million tonnes compared to the December forecast to 28.5 million tonnes.

USA raised its forecast of maize export from Ukraine

This is with reference to Interfax-Ukraine reported Biznestsentr.

According to a post on the website of the American Department, forecast of the corn crop is also raised 0.5 million tons to 35.5 million tons. According to the document, the increase in forecast corn production is based on fresh data of official statistics.

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The American USDA in February lowered its forecast for barley production to 7.4 million tonnes (-200 thousand tonnes to the December forecast), the forecast of exports to 4.2 million tonnes (-300 thousand tonnes).

The USDA kept their forecast for wheat exports from Ukraine in 2018/2019 MG at the level of 16.5 million tons, the harvest forecast is 25 million tons.

In General, U.S. Agency increased the forecast of grain harvest in Ukraine to almost 69 million tonnes (+300 tonnes) and export to 49.4 million tonnes (+200 tonnes).

At the same time, USDA lowered its forecast for soybean exports to 2.95 million tons (150 thousand tons), explaining this increase in processing volumes in Ukraine (for all forecast oilseeds processing increased by 250 thousand tons to 15.8 million tons). Forecast of export of oil increased to 5.28 million tonnes (+130 thousand tonnes), exports of oil – to 5.92 million tonnes (+70 kt).

According to forecasts of USDA, in 2018/19 MG production of sunflower seed in Ukraine will increase by 9.5% compared to the previous marketing year to 15 million tons, meal – 6%, to 5.98 million tons, oil – also by 6% to 6.2 million tonnes.

Exports of sunflower seeds in 2018/2019 MG should increase by 2.6 times - up to 100 thousand tons, meal – by 8.5% to 4.6 million tons, butter – by 5%, to 5.6 million tons.

The forecast of global oil production the USDA lowered this month to 593.3 million tonnes (-6,3 million tonnes to the December forecast).

As reported with reference to the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine, the gross grain harvest in 2018 amounted to 70.1 million tonnes to 62 million tonnes last year. Grain exports 2018/2019 marketing year will amount to 47.2 million tons.

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