In the past week (04.02 on 10.02) fires killed 55 people on water objects - 4.

In the past week on the fires killed 55 people, on water bodies - 4, - SSES

It is reported mediaUA, this reports the press service of the SSES.

So, according to the Ministry, during the week emerged 1 emergency, in which 11 people were injured.

Since the beginning of the week was registered 1 thousand 23 extraordinary events. As a result of the employees of gschs measures rescued 66 people.

Liquidated 843 fire, saved by fire 46 people and prevented the destruction by fire of the building 401 and 31 units of equipment. Fires killed 55 people, the estimated damages, according to intelligence reports, is 6 million 187 thousand UAH.

Read also " mediaUA"From the beginning, the fires killed more than 300 people, - SSES

However, during the week, pyrotechnic units DSNs made 60 visits, in which are found, seized and destroyed 307 explosive subjects of times of past wars.

During the week on the water 4 people died.

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