Captain detained by Ukrainian border guards seiner Nord (port - Kerch) Vladimir Gorbenko, do not come in touch with lawyers from the end of January 2019, is located in the occupied Crimea.

Wanted the captain of the "Nord" Gorbenko "found" in occupied to the Crimea, rossm. VIDEO

He gave an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Video posted on the newspaper's website, reports mediaUA.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video"I did not Have any restrictions on the return home. Crossed the border legally on the passport of the Russian Federation", - said Gorbenko.

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The representative of the company-the ship-owner Anna Sheveleva has confirmed his return to the occupied Peninsula.

The same information, "Interfax" confirmed the mother of a sailor Evgeny Gorbenko.

"Yes, on Saturday, dear came back," she said.

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As previously reported mediaUA, February 1, Gorbenko did not attend the meeting in the Obolon district court of the capital. But the judge decided not to declare him wanted.

Earlier the lawyer Gorbenko, Maxim Mogil'nitskii sent a statement about the disappearance of his client. Mogil'nitskii, said that his client was gone. According to the lawyer, the disappearance Gorbenko may be associated with the Ukrainian security services.

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The security Service of Ukraine denies any involvement in the disappearance of the Kerch captain of the ship "Nord".

Recall, the border service of Ukraine on March 25, 2018 detained in the Azov sea fishing vessel under the flag of Russia. During the inspection it was found that the ship had visited the Crimea in violation of Ukrainian legislation.

On 4 April the captain of the arrested vessel, Vladimir Gorbenko, who is a citizen of Ukraine, was delivered to Kherson for election to it measures of restraint. He is charged with part 2 of article 332-1 of the Criminal code of Ukraine ("violation of the order of entry in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and departure from it"). 6 APR Kherson city court has arrested Vladimir Gorbenko. Later, he made a pledge – 35 240 thousand UAH. On April 10 he was released from custody. He was forbidden to go to the Crimea.

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On 30 October, Russian media reported on the exchange of seamen between Ukraine and Russia.A little later, the Ukrainian Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova has officially confirmed a return to the mainland Ukraine of the seven crew members of two vessels - "NMR-0041" and "at 21-05" who had been held by Russian security forces in Crimea.

It was reported that the captain of the "Nord" in the Crimea did not return because of the Ukrainian law enforcers open criminal case against him.

The Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea passed Crimean arrested the ship "Nord" National Agency for the return of assets derived from corruption and other crimes.

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