Lawyer, Bogodar Kovaliv, who for three years worked in the team of police reform, told police about the "old guard", who came into the system before the revolution.

"All the police is "get down, Bandera"? No, less than 7-8%", - the ex-member of the team of police reform lawyer Kovaliv

It is reported mediaUA, this Kovaliv reported on his page in Facebook.

He noted that the police "old guard" can be divided into three groups: "those who want change and support Pro-Western course of the country, those who look at reform from the outside, and those that are against everything new".

According to him, there are also those "who like and for Ukraine, and in fact just corrupt opportunists who don't want to get off schemes".

"First to support the reforms, are active and help to change things. It is a pillar on which to build a strong law-enforcement body in a democratic country, and these, fortunately, are many. They will not go against the system, but not ready to be a part of the repressive machine. The availability of the political will of the state leadership - are becoming cogs reforms," said Kovaliv.

According to him, the second are those who "will go, if only for them it didn't change".

"Ready and "glory to the Heroes" reply, and the toast for the Day to raise a glass. This is a group that does not prevent and with the right vector successfully transformirovalsya in the bricks that will build a new system," he said.

"Third - those for whom Dzerzhinsky - the prototype of the policeman, those who honor the eagles of the Maidan, because "you weren't on the other side", those who do not see the point in the war with Russia because "I have relatives there, we have friends," those who have a Bandera criminal, Zakharchenko and Mogilev - professional Ministers with a strong hand. Such hate all the "reformers", and more - new patrol police because they dared to encroach on the sacred place of GAI, not he died with an 20 years old cesspool of corruption," - said Koval.

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According to him, the police "actively oppose change, they are afraid of them".

"Not so much, but they usually are respected by colleagues, pull the second group back with any puncture of the reformers or of the patrol police shouting that "professionals were fired, hired Zulfikarov". The majority of civil society activists and have no idea how their cries for "reform failed, all the same garbage, you dog Avakov" playing into the hands of (no, not Putin) such vestiges of the old system," - said the lawyer.

"All the police is "get down, Bandera"? No, such a little, I would say that less than 7-8%", - he added.

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According to Bogodar Kovaliv, these people are not dismissed because "there was no political will".

"From what we see now either. Such things shouldn't end on words and promises. This is not random emotion and very real position in life, which in bodies is not the place. Such people need to be cleansed. And not in the single player events "when the thunder clap," and systematically", - said Koval.

"To ochistitel" system from these people, according to Kovaleva, we need a real reform of the justice and unconditional will of the leadership and personnel.

"Much easier to say "Yes, what does it mean?" To complain and threaten to leave/threaten to shoot them all/sabotage, while % sitting/hammer until the doctors salary will not raise, and so on, and much harder to take and try to change what is," he said, Bogodar Kovaliv.

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