On Thursday during a press conference the head of the investigation Department of the "cupola" Sergey Chizh said that the driver of the Lexus violated traffic rules. These findings militiamen did once interviewed witnesses and studied video from surveillance cameras.

Accidents in Kharkiv: the Volkswagen Driver began to move at a yellow traffic light, the police writes About this mediaUA with reference to the NewsRoom.

"Our challenge is to promptly investigate. At the moment the girl is arrested, she refused to testify, citing article 63 of the Constitution," - said the militiaman.
As the head of the "cupola" Oleg Bech, security forces also found that the Volkswagen Touareg began to move at a yellow traffic signal. As for the speed with which the moving cars, they should be determined by experts. Law enforcement also reported that the driver of the Lexus six times was brought to administrative responsibility for violation of traffic rules.

According to police, both drivers were sober, the drug will be ready later. Besides, militiamen will check whether the used the girl mobile phone while driving. If the fault of the 20-year-old student is proved, to it threatens till 10 years of imprisonment. Tomorrow Kyiv district court will determine the measure of restraint for supernumerary.
As reported, on Wednesday evening on a street Sumskaya in Kharkov the accident occurred. According to preliminary information, the Lexus SUV drove into a crowd of people, at the result 6 people died, 5 received injuries of varying severity.