Today in the street heroes of Stalingrad in Simferopol detained and took away in an unknown direction activist who came to picket.

Crimeans took to the pickets against the repression of the security forces, there are reports zaterjannye mediaUA with reference to the Crimea.The reality, reported by activist Ahmed Rustem Oglu.
"Just witnessed a flagrant act of police who approached the man, who picket and rudely they immediately picked up and pushed into the car. And drove away. It turns out, was stolen," - said the activist.
Regional representative "of the Crimean solidarity" Alemdar published in the Facebook photos of the individual pickets. Activists came with posters "the Search for terrorists is a lost cause", "Muslims are not terrorists" and others.
"Rustem Aga detained. Was taken in Feodosia," - said Alemdar.
Public comments on the matter of Russian security forces there.