in the practice of international law of the sea forever entered "Ukrainian warning" - the agreement on distribution of the amounts "for administrative costs" (i.e. bribes) which carries a vessel in Ukrainian ports, between shipowner and cargo owner. These amounts are so significant that affect freight.

They have a common commercial interest to shoot at a business partner uncomfortable, - the former representative of the President in Crimea Babin on corruption in ports

About this blog Liga.Net wrote doctor of legal Sciences, Professor, ex-presidential representative in the occupied Crimea Borys Babin, reports mediaUA.

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"You can argue about the emergence over the last year, a sincere interest of the society to the extraordinary events that happen in the sea near Ukraine. And it is easy to understand, because the stories of mass kidnappings of fishermen, barges with the Crimean cigarettes on the beaches of Odessa, boarded the boats of the Navy of Ukraine by Russian forces for weeks, or burning LNG carriers drifting near the occupied shores, does not resemble the stripes of the news and trailers of action movies. The sea near the Ukrainian coast is gradually turned into a solid pirate Tortuga that interesting to watch on TV. But – not to lead in such circumstances an honest business or to engage in the development of coastal communities," said Babin.

"Of course, this situation is not a month not a year. Of course, the aggression of the Russian occupation of the Crimea and effective control of the Russian fleet in the most part of the Ukrainian Maritime areas at least have not added the state management of new opportunities in this area. But I would venture to say that most of the problems of the Maritime industry occurred before 2014, and in terms of the closure of Crimean ports to block the Kerch Strait, the front near Mariupol they just got a new meaning. And none of them have not been finally resolved, despite some timid attempts by the state to change something. So, in 2018, was finally created a separate Central authority - the Maritime authority, which on behalf of the state should exercise primarily a control port and the control flag...of Course, ports yet live separate lives, becoming fiefdoms or condominiums number of big business players and the hunting grounds from a number of officials of competing agencies. Official confirmation of loss of national control in this area we already have – according to the results of the recent audit of the International Maritime organization," said Babin.

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He recalled that in the practice of international law of the sea forever entered "Ukrainian warning" - the agreement on distribution of the amounts "for administrative costs" (i.e. bribes) which carries a vessel in Ukrainian ports, between a shipowner and a cargo owner, the transaction applied by the parties to the bill of lading. Because these amounts are so significant that affect freight. Under such conditions, why is it not surprising that Ukraine is the only European Maritime countries, which was not included in the Paris Memorandum of understanding on controls by the port state. This agreement sistematizirovat the procedure of control over foreign vessels in the ports and makes it more transparent.

"Instead we have our own Paris, the black sea, a Memorandum that is valid only for six of the basin States and (APO) in private practice, de jure recognized the annexation of Crimea and the Crimean port calls "the Russian." But obviously in this structure is not as negative as in Paris view the practice of "Ukrainian warnings". Therefore, it is of course more appropriate, even with located in Novorossiysk server base. Where such RAID operations border smuggling and violations of the sanctions regime is difficult to specify, and in 2014 the number of people wishing to "control the process" has increased significantly. Of course, such operations become possible when a small green button off not only the automatic navigation system of the ship, but Ukrainian border guards. However there are other law enforcement officers are monitoring the sea and structure of the Navy, and another act similar services and bodies of our neighbors. And our enemy. And all these people in uniform want to eat - and all of the salary does not allow the soul to live as he wants... So in recent years it has become real, not television, the situation of cargo flows and ship circulation in the black sea basin. Of course, when you have a common commercial interest – the fight becomes very difficult and shoot business partners uncomfortable. Because they are in response to just turn you in," stated Babin.

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"Under such circumstances is not surprising that the majority of detentions of vessels in Ukrainian ports for violation of the prohibition of ship calls in the Crimea happened as a response to a very persistent and appeals of public organizations, who monitor the seas of open source forensic marine traffic and for some reason are often aware of shipping in the black sea better than any government authority. Rather, unlike public bodies, they just have no reason to conceal their own awareness. About the features of commercial fishery in the exclusive economic zone of Ukraine in such conditions, I think there's nothing to add. Unless it is worth remembering that until 2014 we had in the Black sea at least the official external border of VMES, and on the Azov acted through a "gentleman's agreement" with the Russians. Now no one is aloud do not say which part of the exclusive economic zone of the Black sea we 2014 effectively control actually – 12 mol from Odessa or maybe whole 30, but many of the officials had for the last year, to speak in favour of the continuation of the "common sea" and "friendly agreements with the aggressors on the sea of Azov. Other catastrophic diagnosis is Ukraine's loss of control flag. After 2015, the tonnage of merchant vessels under the flag of Ukraine fell even more than in 2014, when the Russians took over the Crimean fleet, the fleet of the company and many other trophies. Because domestic shipowner choose to own the vehicle any - but not the Ukrainian flag (magically obsolete, almost Soviet legislation and the fantastic corruption of the registration of merchant ships we have in one bottle). Summing up – we have a situation where ship owners are considering visits to Ukrainian ports as a tragic necessity, striking features which adds except that the fight between a bunch of native relying and is entitled a bit rich at the expense of the vessel and cargo. We have a situation where even the Ukrainian ship-owners and even at the barrel of a gun will not use the Ukrainian flag – no cabotage nor for long-distance freight operations...So when we choose not military, but political, legal, administrative" ways to counter Russian aggression in the sea the first is to honestly answer the question – do we know such way? And if so – which way them go, really?" summed up Babin.

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