The head of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav Manger declared suspicion in the murder of activist Catherine Gandzyuk.

The manger is declared suspicion in the murder of Gandzyuk. DOCUMENT

It is reported mediaUA, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said on his page on Facebook.

"Citizen Munger V. M. announced suspicion of the murder of Catherine Gandzyuk", - he wrote.

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We will remind, father of the murdered activist Victor Gandzyuk has accused the Chairman of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav manger and head of the Kherson regional state administration Andrey Gordeev in close cooperation with criminal authority., who is suspected of murder.

Victor Gandzyuk appealed to Petro Poroshenko and Yulia Tymoshenko's open letter, which was asked to assess the actions Gordeeva and manger. The father of the activist claims that the. organized the murder of his daughter at the direction of officials of the Kherson regional state administration.

Later Gordeev rejected accusations of involvement in the murder Gandzyuk and urged the Prosecutor General, the Chairman of the SBU and the Minister of internal Affairs to verify the address of Victor Hanjuku the facts in the case of their untruthfulness to find those who led the father of Catherine Gandzyuk to "information provocation." Gordeev added that "the question of what the father said is the issue the undercover game of dishonest politicians."

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31 July 2018 acting Manager of the Affairs of the Executive Committee, Advisor of the Kherson city mayor Catherine Gandzyuk was attacked near the porch of her house and doused with sulfuric acid.

On August 3, interior Minister Arsen Avakov reported that the police arrested a suspect in the attempted murder of Gandzyuk. As later said the suspect is "Novikov, Nikolay Nikolayevich, born in 1978, native of the city of Kherson, previously convicted. August 22, the suspect in the attack on Gandzyuk Nikolai Novikov was released from custody. As reported in police, the attack on Gandzyuk was led by veteran anti-terrorist operation, which was used by his colleagues.

4 Nov Gandzyuk died in hospital.

BP on 6 November approved the establishment of the Temporary investigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada to investigate information concerning attacks on Catherine Gandzyuk and other social activists.

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Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko on December 4 said that the murder of Catherine Gandzyuk declared a suspect previously convicted citizen by the name of Levin. Lutsenko noted that Levin, according to the investigators, is a key figure in the crime. As for the customer of murder, the Prosecutor said that the version of the investigation a lot, and most of them confined to particular persons, but to call names, he is promised only when it is declared and prepared suspicion.

8 Feb "Batkivshchyna" decided to exclude the manger of party members and recommends to leave the post of head of the Kherson regional Council.

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