The state enterprise "Kharkov armored plant" has upgraded hundreds of T-64 tanks sample of 2017.

New thermal imaging cameras, digital radios, navigation and dynamic defense, "Ukroboronprom" showed a modernized T-64 tank, supplied by the APU. VIDEO+Photos

As reported mediaUA, it informs the press service of the state concern "Ukroboronprom".

"T-64 is the main battle machine of the armored units of the Ukrainian army and proved itself in confrontation with the aggressor in the East of Ukraine... On the results of the tests, the upgraded T-64 sample 2017 from last year commercially available in the Armed forces of Ukraine", - reported in the state.

In General, as noted in "Ukroboronprom", "Kharkov armored plant" has manufactured more than hundreds of T-64 sample 2017 and continues the work of upgrading existing T-64.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video"When upgrading into a fighting machine integrate modern night vision devices with electron-optical Converter of the third generation. They are mounted on regular mount and connect to the mains a tank without modifications that can significantly reduce the time and cost to integrate them into systems combat vehicles", - stated in the message.

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In the state noted that due to the high quality components they have a high resistance to light interference and provide work under difficult conditions, they are not sensitive to flare, even when using a special enemy interference in the infrared range.

"At the same time, sighting system gunner's integrated thermal imaging camera, which provides detection, identification, and destruction of the enemy with the fire of 125 mm gun at any time and under any weather conditions", - have informed in a press-service.

Also, the T-64 sample 2017 received a new dynamic protection, which greatly enhances the level of protection of combat vehicles and responding effectively to all modern anti-tank weapons: cumulative and armor-piercing and percussion-cumulative ammunition of the "impact core".

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"T-64 sample 2017 are equipped with satellite navigation systems from the state enterprise "Orizon-Navigation", part of the Ukroboronprom state concern. Such systems are installed on all new vehicles, which produce the enterprises of the concern. This navigation system works in an automated digital system that allows "online" to securely exchange encrypted data. Data about each vehicle's location may be displayed to the commander at all levels, from platoon commander to the leadership of the entire military operation," - noted in the state.

Tanks also are fitted with new digital radios "Lybid K-2РБ" that provide a secure and protected against interference and interception of communications at distances up to 70 kilometers.

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