The firm, owned by the family found guilty of infringement of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine Deputy head of the occupation administration of Sevastopol Kizimenko, won last year the tender for half a billion hryvnia.

Firm family ex-Deputy Chairman of the occupying administration of Sevastopol Kizimenko will deal with the landfill reclamation in Slavyansk: over the past year the company has won the tender for 1.5 billion

Reclamation of landfill site in Sloviansk will do firm connected with Oleg Kizimenko, whom the court found guilty of infringement of territorial integrity of Ukraine, reports mediaUA with reference to

Municipal enterprise "Donetsk regional centre of waste management" intends to conclude a contract for the reclamation of landfill landfill near the city of Slavyansk with "Hashimites". The contract sum will be 102 million. The only competitor during the auction was sold to OOO "BVK Vostoktsemremont", the initial amount was almost 10 million more.

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According to tender documents, LLC "Hoshimaru" plans to do all the work themselves without subcontracting. The lion's share (almost 70%) is occupied by land. About 8 million will be spent on the purchase and installation getoutlinecolor equipment. To finish works the company plans to February 2020.

According to the analytical system YouControl, registered LLC "Hoshimaru" in Kiev. Directs them to mark Kizimenko, and own equal shares of Alla and David Kizimenko. Which, according to the website "Nashi Groshi", are the wife and children of Oleg Kizimenko. The company actively participates and wins the tender for the construction. Last year alone, the amount of the contracts amounted to half a billion hryvnia.

"However, there is in this success story lasting taste of separatism. The fact that you own and manage a company the children and the wife of Oleg Kizimenko. This man is familiar in the construction industry of Donetsk region. In 1997, he became the founder of the Donetsk company "Hashimites", which he directed for several years. In 2003 he went to work in Management of capital construction of Donetsk regional state administration, and from 2004 to 2012 he headed it Management", - notes the edition.

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For the position of Deputy Chairman of the Sevastopol city state administration appointed 20 December 2012. After the occupation of Crimea by Russia, Oleg Kizimenko remained at the same "position" in the so-called "Governor" Sergey menyaylo. He was dismissed only in 2015.

In September 2018, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko reported about the detention of Sevastopol collaborators, the so-called "Deputy Chairman of the Sevastopol city state administration" Oleg Kizimenko. The Crimean management of SBU and Prosecutor's office on the basis of a court decision detained "citizen Kizimenko, who after the occupation declared itself "Deputy Chairman of the Sevastopol city state administration".

"The consequence considers that in this position, he contributed to the creation of the occupation authorities gave the occupiers the office documentation and also contributed to Russian subversive activities against Ukraine", – said Lutsenko in Facebook. Press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Larisa Sargan said that Kizimenko "is a citizen of Ukraine" and was arrested "after the searches at the place of residence".

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At the end of December 2018 the Goloseevsky district court of Kiev pronounced a sentence against Oleg Kizimenko. Given the complete admission of guilt, the honorary title and custody of her sister and mother, the court found him guilty of infringement of territorial integrity of Ukraine and sentenced to 5 years probation.

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