The Solomensky district court of Kiev postponed to February 28 consideration of the limitation of detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of the investigation of criminal proceedings according to the "Rotterdam plus" up to 1 month.

Lawyer ICU requires the court to limit the actions of the National anti-corruption Bureau on charges of "Rotterdam +"

This is with reference to Nashi Groshi reported Biznestsentr.

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A petition was filed by the lawyer Irina Odintsov in the interests NKREKU.

"If the court will limit the period of investigation, the National anti-corruption Bureau in this case, the effect of the decision may be even closing the case," explained Board member of the Center for combating corruption Elena Shcherban.

In December last year Odinets filed a motion to dismiss the detective's National anti-corruption Bureau in September - the removal of the judge. The court rejected both motions.

Irina Odintsov had previously been the founder of the law firm "Saprykin and Odinets" together with Artem Saprykin. He is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Bank "Avangard", which belongs to the Cypriot company ICU Holdings Limited. The Supervisory Board he was delegated to the ICU.

Odinets and Saprykin also includes partners of the legal company A. G. Frangos & Co LLC, which is based in Cyprus and in Ukraine. In 2010, Odinets and Saprykin together member of the Supervisory Board of the Fund Investment capital-1. This Fund is managed by a group of ICU.

Odinets - the owner of the legal company "Lexmark". By 2017 among its founders was too Saprykin and Sergei Benedick, former Director of the Department of public registry of the Ministry of justice.

Odinets protects the interests of the ICU in criminal proceedings instituted by the state office of public Prosecutor concerning ex-the Deputy Yury Karmazin. He is suspected of sending to law enforcement contracts the company ICU with a well-known American lobbyist. In the ICU argue that the distribution of documents was part of the planned campaign for discredit her.

ICU investment company is the financial Advisor to the President for the sale of "Roshen".

National anti-corruption Bureau in 2016 makes pre-judicial investigation in criminal proceedings upon abuse of official position by officials of the national Commission that in 2016, adopted a resolution on the formula of "Rotterdam +".

In 2015, the President of Ukraine and the owner of "Roshen" Petro Poroshenko said about the struggle with the oligarchs. According to the results of "deoligarchization" Eurobonds DTEK the much cheaper and bought them ICU.

After the introduction of the "Rotterdam +" DTEK's net profit increased significantly. And as a result has risen ICU acquired Eurobonds. After President Poroshenko terminated the rhetoric about "deoligarchization".

ICU explained the rise in prices of Eurobonds of DTEK's arrival in Kiev of investors, brought banks Nomura and Barclays in may 2016. However, no data on the actual actions of investors.

ICU and "Metinvest" Rinat Akhmetov has signed a number of agreements on debt "donetskstali", through which financiers Poroshenko has received from the company Akhmetov UAH 2 billion.

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