The U.S. should not exclude the possibility of Russian military presence in Venezuela.

Russia is a wounded bear, which just snaps, Admiral of the U.S. Navy Faller

In an interview with "Voice of America" said the new Chairman of the joint chiefs of U.S. armed forces in Central and South America, the Admiral of the U.S. Navy Craig fuller (Craig Faller), reports mediaUA.

According to Faller, Russia is behaving like "a wounded, weakened bear that just catches" democratic interests in the region.

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"If to speak about Russia, everything is possible," said Faller - "We saw what they did (in Syria), and I think we need to be prepared for what may happen in the future."

During an interview with the American military also said that the issue of Venezuela, the US armed forces are focused on "supporting a political and diplomatic solution" and did not directly answer the question whether the issue of sending to Venezuela peacekeeping forces.

While the military noted that "non-democratic" countries in the region, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua observed the influence of Russia and China.

"If to speak about Russia, everything is possible. The national defense strategy of the United States drew attention to Russia and China. ... China is an economic force that is amplified and they have a very legitimate economic and business interests in the world. But they don't play by the accepted rules. But Russia is almost like a wounded, weakened bear just catches, and I can't predict what Russia will do, and do not want to predict. We saw what they did, and I think we need to be prepared for what might happen in the future," said Faller.

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Recall, January 23 Joan Guido declared himself interim President of the country, because before the Parliament recognized the re-election of incumbent President Nicolas Maduro to the presidency unconstitutional. Immediately after that, U.S. President Donald trump said that he recognizes, Guido new interim President.

Later the foreign Ministry of Ukraine responded to events in Venezuela. The report notes: "Ukraine recognizes Juan, Guido the head of a unified, democratically elected authorities of Venezuela - National Assembly and leader of the democratic opposition".

Earlier on the side of the Huang Guido passed the General of the air force of Venezuela, Francisco Yanes.

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