Captain detained by Ukrainian border guards seiner Nord (port - Kerch) Vladimir Gorbenko has not officially crossed the Ukrainian-Russian state border, as well as the administrative border with Russian occupied Crimea, said the speaker of the State border service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan.

Appeared in occupied to the Crimea the captain of the "Nord" Gorbenko did not cross admingranitsu with the Peninsula, as well as the Ukrainian-Russian state border, - Slobodyan

"We saw this information (about the discovery Gorbenko on the territory of Crimea. - Ed.) and now it is comprehensively studied, but the fact that you can now say officially, there is no controlled area admingranitsy Russia, nor adminpraise with the temporarily occupied Crimea this citizen not crossed the border," - said Oleg Slobodyan in comments "Interfax-Ukraine" on Monday, reports mediaUA.

Earlier on Monday, Vladimir Gorbenko, do not come in touch with lawyers from the end of January 2019, gave an interview to the Russian "Komsomolskaya Pravda". According to him, he is currently in the territory of the Crimean Peninsula.

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"I didn't have any restrictions on the return home. Crossed the border legally on the passport of the Russian Federation", - said Gorbenko.

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