For 2018 PJSC "Krivorozhgaz" recorded more than 2 thousand cases of unauthorized use of gas.

"Krivorozhgaz" recorded more than 2 thousand cases of illegal gas use

This is with reference to the press service of "Krivorozhgaz" according to Biznestsentr.

"Of these, 126 by unauthorized tapping into the system of gas supply. For consumed, but unpaid gas violators have to pay more than 4 million UAH. assessed losses. On average, each case of violation of more than 34 thousand UAH", - informs the company.

"First and foremost, subscribers must understand that the unauthorized interference in the operation of gas networks is not only illegal, but also threatens the lives and health of others," - said the chief engineer "Krivorozhgaz" Marina Terentyeva.

In addition, it was revealed 366 of the facts of tampering with gas meter of domestic consumers, the additional charges amounted to more than 6 million UAH. And 14 facts of tampering with gas meter by legal persons, the additional charge amounted to more than 1.5 million UAH. These charges are not fines, it is additional for the previously utilized, but unpaid gas.

Examination of gas meters of the consumers are carried out with participation of independent experts of national Metrology enterprise "Ukrmetrteststandart". If the interference counter of the Commission is not confirmed, the consumer does not pay the cost of examination. Payment of damages for unauthorized use of gas and the cost of examination meter is made only upon confirmation of the theft of gas.

In December 2018 NKREKU changes were made to the Code of GRS. Under the changes, for interference in the operation of the counter with an expired date of verification to the consumer, in addition to the cost of the examination, will have to pay damages for unauthorized use of gas.

"That is, regardless of whether the expired term of checking the meter of the consumer, violators must pay the cost of examination - more than 3 thousand UAH. and damages for the illegal use of gas. The amount of damages is calculated in each case individually," the company said.

More than 90% of the funds from each cubic meter of gas gets enterprise "Naftogaz of Ukraine". Only about 7% of gas distribution enterprises. This is an average of 56 kopecks per cubic meter of gas. These funds contain the gas network, are established the counters, running a gas emergency, running the contact center and customer service centers throughout Ukraine.

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