The Committee of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress on financial issues, published a Memorandum in which it noted the ineffectiveness of US sanctions against Russia.

In the U.S. House of representatives stated about the ineffectiveness of sanctions against Russia

It is reported mediaUA, this writes Interfax-Ukraine.

"The sanctions have not helped to deter Russia from invading the zone of interests of the US and its encroachment on the world of values", - stated in the published document.

"Many experts note that the lack of a unified position of the U.S. administration on the Russian problem and what should be the policy in relation to Moscow, as well as the lack of a coherent strategy and the position of the White house on Russia undermined the effectiveness of anti-Russian sanctions," - noted in the Memorandum.

"Russia has learned how to reduce dependence on the West, her company found a way to survive with limited access to Finance, while Moscow is forging business and political ties with allies such as China, India and Saudi Arabia", - stated in the document.

In the Memorandum criticized the decision of the U.S. Treasury for the withdrawal from the sanctions three companies linked to Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska.

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Control of the U.S. Treasury's foreign assets control 27 January 2019 expelled En+ , RUSAL and EuroSibEnergo from the sanctions list after Oleg Deripaska has reduced its stake in these companies to 45%, to sanctions imposed on it did not apply to these companies.

As the congressmen noted, despite the reduction in shares in companies, Oleg Deripaska will be able to keep control of En+, RUSAL and EuroSibEnergo. The very same Deripaska is under U.S. sanctions due to the fact that in the West it is closely associated with the Kremlin, and also consider a business partner of the former adviser to Donald trump Paul Manafort, whom the US accused of activities against U.S. interests.

"The decision of the U.S. Treasury on the exclusion of these companies from the "black list" can lead to their getting into the "white lists" that will allow them to attract foreign capital," - noted in the Committee of the house of representatives, stressing that the company can help the Kremlin "to work against U.S. interests".

A meeting of the Committee of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress on financial issues, focusing, in particular, the sanctions Washington against Moscow, Caracas, Pyongyang and Tehran scheduled for February 12.

After the midterm elections in the United States in 2018 the majority of seats in the House of representatives was taken by the congressmen from the Democratic party of the USA, thus, the 2019 control committees of the house of representatives went to the Democrats, actively criticizing the Republican administration of the USA.

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