The Russian Federation will continue to work in the "Norman format" and to strive for the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Let's keep the "Norman format" and to strive for the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements, Putin stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin during the meeting of the International discussion club "Valdai", reports mediaUA with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.
"All have long understood that the current Ukrainian leadership is unable to fulfill them. And now, when the situation inside the country, economic and political point of view, degenerated to the point where there is a police gas used against demonstrators, to imagine that the President of Ukraine will be solved by any step in the execution of the Minsk agreements (...) I don't know, I don't know how to do it", - Putin said, answering a question on possible ways of resolving the situation in the East of Ukraine.
However, according to the President of the Russian Federation, "other way, unfortunately, is also there."

"Therefore, we will keep "Norman format" as long as our colleagues want and will strive to implement most of these Minsk agreements", - said Putin.
Putin said earlier Russia supported the introduction of armed units of the UN for the protection of OSCE personnel. "Because we talked all the time, all the time asked: let's arm the staff of the OSCE, located on the demarcation line. We immediately agreed," he said, adding that the organization refused.
According to the President, "today's Ukrainian leadership is sabotaging every paragraph of this agreement, and all can see it perfectly".

"Those involved in this negotiation process, are well aware of this, I assure you. There is in fact any step towards the implementation of the Minsk agreements. And all speak: sanctions won't be lifted until Russia will fulfill the Minsk agreements", - said the President of the Russian Federation.
He added that "the current situation is the result of an unconstitutional armed seizure of power in Ukraine and Europe is to blame, because it supported".